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  • puma-robinson-black-ink-crew-1


    Puma got his nickname from his days of doing graffiti growing up in the Bronx. He has a tendency to party too hard and his big personality pulls clients of all types through the doors of Ink124. Puma constantly finds himself getting into some kind of trouble.
  • Sassy


    Sassy is sweet, sexy, and fun. She has a tattoo of an AK47 on her back, but the AK47 has no trigger. Sassy keeps the guys in line and keeps the shop from burning down. Whether it is taking appointments, being the peacemaker at the shop, or planning an event at the shop, Sassy keeps things running smoothly. She has a strange obsession with being clean and takes more than one bath a day. She is best friends with Puma, and believes in girl power all the way.
  • LB BW2


    The "unknown" professional tattoo artist with the highest standard of cleanliness and quality. I enjoy tattooing many styles, and am always up for a challenge. However, I have a thing for Black & Grey tattoos. I'm frequently asked if I specialize in anything and I have to say that I do. I specialize in quality tattooing! I strive to design and execute tattoos so that they stand the test of time. I work to avoid "trendy" tattoos; I want your tattoo to be timeless and beautiful many years from now. So who am I? I am "LB"! The true paradigm of an unfolding icon that is continuously striving and working diligently to leave my mark on this tattoo culture. "RESPECT YOUR SKIN" Have your tattoo done by a professional ~"LB'
  • Strick 2


    Born in Rochester NY, art has been my passion since drawing from my older brother's comic books, and intentionally coloring outside of the lines, in grade school. As an illustrator, muralist, and painter, I handle any and all commissioned art request and look forward to all creative challenges. The mind of an engineer, the outlook of an artist. Let's develop something that you will be proud to say is yours.
Located at 158 W 124th Street, Ink 124 is New York City’s premier tattoo boutique.